Tuesday, August 15, 2006


  • I got up early to present Tim with his presents;
  • Made breakfast for a few;
  • Worked in basement with friend;
  • Bake bread;
  • Made dump run;
  • Stopped at supermarket to pick up birthday cake;
  • Worked more in basement;
  • Girls came home with extra kid;
  • Did tons of small every day household tasks;
  • Weeded my veggie garden;
  • Fed the bunnies;
  • Had even more extra kids over (we had twelve kids running around for a while;
  • Had friend over;
  • Rearranged stuff in basement;
  • Got birthday cake out to start celebration;
  • Discovered we were totally out of birthday cake candles. Neighbor to the rescue!
  • Went over to friend to get some candles
  • Filled dishwasher;
  • served cake and ice cream;
  • Started blogging and go studying;
Add all the 5,000 daily interruptions to this list, and I realize that it's no wonder I am tired. I guess I'll sleep ^^

1 comment:

min said...

That's the hair style Iliana mentioned before. Looks great. :-)
I guess he enjoyed his hair style.