Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Somehow I hadn't been out geocaching in ages. Life just has been too crazy here. Yesterday, my friend called and asked whether I wanted to come caching, and I actually managed to get out and go!

We first did a dump run, getting our total up to 120 bags! Wow! This included an old, broken dehumidifier, which turned out to have a $20 disposal fee. Expensive. Not that I cared, I just wanted it to be GONE.

The cache was hidden on a pretty easy trail, about 700 m hike. It's amazing how long 700 meters can take if you are hiking with a toddler. Every rock has to be examined and thrown. Every stick has to be picked up and planted. Every root has to be commented on. Every boulder is an opportunity for a jump. And every mushroom had to be admired.

When we finally reached the cache location, we found the cache fairly fast, and Kate and Sylvia had fun deciding on their trade. Kate got a very fun squishy ball. Looked blue, but when you squished it, pink came out.

Life was good till disaster struck on the way back. The ball broke!!! Pink fluid oozed out and Kate totally fell apart.

'I really liked this!!! And now it broke!!!! Now I can never use it again! And I was so happy about it!' Broken dreams, always sad. She eventually calmed down when she negotiated that she could get a toy from the basement in exchange. But she was not real happy about it.

When we got back to the car, we met a cute and friendly dog, which did do a lot to help with the heart ache. But she still was a bit sad. Even with this drama, it was nice to be out caching again. I've missed it.


Brooke said...

Wow hat pink stuff that came out of that ball looks radio active!
Poor thing....don't you just hate when you can't fix everything!?

chris said...

Awwwwwwww, poor Kate.

I do love how you captured the moment for us though ;-)

Kelly said...

as I scrolled through the picture of the ball, I thought to myself, I need to warn her what happens when those...

damn. It broke ;).

We had two of those and boy do they make a mess when they go! Sorry she didn't get to enjoy it more.

O_Scientist said...

Brooke, yeah, it is hard when they come up to 'real life' and there is no fix.

LOL, kelly, I had NO idea what a mess it would make, I guess I should be grateful it was outdoors. Well apart from hikers, for the next 6 months, wondering what the heck the pink stuff could be.

I wonder what the name of those balls is, my friend wants to get some, but she had no idea where to get them or what they were called.

So if anybody knows where to get those balls, please tell me.

peepnroosmom said...

I just wanted to comment about geocaching. It is so much fun! My family and I go alot. We kinda stopped going when it got so hot out, but I look forward to going again. We actually put one out for people to find. We take pictures of every find also.

O_Scientist said...

Cool @ the geocaching, it's a great family experience. We hid a bunch of caches too, I think I like hiding caches just as much as I like finding them.