Thursday, August 10, 2006

He is HOME!!!!!

Today, of all days, I drove to Boston to retrieve my oldest son from the airport. Today, when all international travel was totally messed up. When the lines at airports were gigantic. When the Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney ordered the National Guard to Boston's Logan Airport. It's amazing how little we knew about it till I came home tonight, where I found a Sander who had been worrying the whole day.

The only effect experienced by Cees, was that he couldn't take his water bottle on the flight from Newark to Boston. He told me they took it from him, he was not allowed to keep it. I was somewhat puzzled by this till I came home and heard the current news.

We never saw the National Guard either, even while we spent 1.5 hours at Logan, waiting for Cees to arrive (because we were early, not because he was late). The kids had a lot of fun at the Kidsport here, a special play area. I remember that we were there once with Cees and Tim on one of our flights to the Netherlands. Cees said he still remembered the place, it must have been quite some years ago.

He had had a good time in the Netherlands, but stated something along the lines of 'The best part of traveling is coming home'. He had lots of stories to tell me on the way home.

We used this opportunity to do some shopping in a Chinese supermarket before picking up Cees. Wow! Of course, with all the kids with me, I ended up with an enormous stack of candy to try.

Luckily, I also got in some of my own shopping.

So many new things to try. Naturally, I also got in an old favorite.

Sylvia was complaining 'The durian scares me!' I have to admit they are quite fierce looking, but I can't say they ever scared me. After the shopping, we drove over to Logan to find out whether Cees by some miracle had arrived there before his ETA.

Of course he hadn't, so we ended up spending time in the play area. Which was good anyway, now they all could run off energy before the long trip home. We had some food and lots of running around. I happily sat down and studied to while they were playing. They made new friends and were unhappy to have to leave them.

Finally it was time to get Cees. His escort was suitably impressed when she saw all the blonde siblings waiting at the bottom of the escalator. Sylvia was so happy to find her 'Sylvia's Cees!' She had been talking about him all day.


txmommy said...

I'm so glad he traveled home safely.

You always have such interesting foods on your table . Are any of the kids picky?

O_Scientist said...

You bet, most of them are very picky, beyond picky. I have learned to just make what I like anyway, if they want to join, they can, but usually they choose to make their own meals, sandwiches, pasta, whatever they feel like and can handle.

Once in a while one will eat something that is more exotic, but usually they stay far far away from it.


mardrey said...

I was thinking about you all day wondering if Cees had been delayed! So you didn't see much evidence of the Nat'l Gurad and all? IF he'd been leaving Boston it would have been another story, I bet.It was probably the worst in England. And I didn't know there was a play space at the airport. Very convenient.

li ang (lyonweiqi) said...

how is cute?,but who is bigger?frult or sylvia?