Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Seventy Five

We are up to seventy five trash bags taken from the basement. Seventy five bags full of crap we will never ever have to see again. Seventy five bags of incomplete toys which will never be completed, packing peanuts, old shoes, Macdonald toys, and useless things. I am feeling so much lighter already, even if there still is a lot to be purged and organized. I have to admit that it's nice to work in the basement when it is hot like today. I also have to admit that it would go ten times as fast if the kids didn't jump on every toy we find to play with and spread all over the basement floor.

Hubby saw some parts of old furniture and said he hoped I wasn't going to throw that out. He explained to me that we still might want it when we would build an addition to the house. I kept things non-committal , but my feelings is that we need less stuff , not more space. And heck, if we didn't use that furniture in the last eight years, what are the chance realistically that we will want to use it in the next eight years?

Today was aikido day, I had to skip quite a few classes when hubby was gone. Very happy to be back at it. I still totally suck at it, but love every minute. Nothing like being thrown around the dojo to make one forget about anything else going on in one's life.

I wanted to post a picture from Cees in the Netherlands, but blogger is not cooperating. Anyway, he seems to be having a good time. Today he visited Muiderslot (castle) and he will visit replica of 17th century ship tomorrow. Still weird to have him so far away , all by himself.


min said...

a amazing number :-)

Anonymous said...

You are such a HERO for getting all those bags out of your life!

I fully support your furniture thoughts --out with it :-)


Annelies said...

Geef ff een gil als Cees naar het Buitenmuseum in Enkhuizen gaat of daaromtrent. Dat is ook een heel interessant uitje voor kinderen.