Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Today, we went to the swimming pool, just to prevent ourselves from melting into puddles of sweat. I wasn't sure whether we even could go because of thunder storm warnings, but we lucked out nicely with the timing.

When we came home, I was getting some stuff out of the car, and I hear this loud 'MAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' from Kate. The one we get at least 42 times a day, complaining about yet another horrible thing her siblings are doing to her. I wasn't getting very excited about the call for help, and calmly continued doing my things.

Suddenly Sander came out of the house with Kate, and her head was half covered in blood, as were her shoulders and her upper body. There was a LOT of blood. I went into 'first aid' mode and took it as a good sign that she was still so loud and alert, before I tried to figure out what exactly had happened.

Her story: 'I bonked my head!'
Me 'Hmmm, was it on something sharp?'
Kate 'Yes, the WALL!!!'
Me 'I see...'
Kate 'On the corner'

Ah, that explains it. We had a similar incident when Tara was a toddler, and yes, there was a lot of blood then too. This time Kate and Erik both were running and bumped into each other and Kate somehow bonked into the wall.

We convinced her to take a quick shower to get rid of all the blood and to be able to assess how big the wound was. Next we had to convince her to take off the cloth diaper we had given her to put pressure on the wound. It wasn't easy, but she eventually gave in and showed it to us. It was not very big, maybe an inch, but rather deep and wide. It didn't actively bleed anymore, and the idea of stitches totally freaked her out. We decided that home treatment would do, and I made a quick run to the supermarket to get butterfly bandaids. Apart that they didn't have them.

Found some bandaids which kind of worked, not easy because the wound is in her hair. I also found Hello Kitty bandaids to go over the real bandaids, which helped her mood a lot.

The girls made her special pink lemonade and some candy, and a sandwich. We got her comics to read and by now she is sitting on the bed, surrounded by candy, lemonade, and sandwich, feeling a lot better. Her head is still hurting though, which is not surprising. Will keep an eye on her during the night.

More excitement than I really wanted.


Kathy said...

Oh poor Kate. Hope she feels much better by morning.

txmommy said...

oh no! Poor Kate. Headwounds are horrible bleeders. Hope she'll feel better in the morning.

Annelies said...

Oeps wat een schrik! Meestal hoor je wel aan de manier van huilen of het menens is.
Maar de verzorging van de patient is prima!
IIsjes doen het ook prima als medicijn he? ;-))

Jody said...

Oh yikes! Yes, the scalp bleeds and bleeds.

Poor thing. I am glad she is okay and surrounded by goodies!