Saturday, August 19, 2006

Broken Netflix Movie

Yesterday, one of our Netflix movies arrived broken in half. Not a big deal, they will replace it with a new one. My kids had fun making up stories why it was broken.
  • Maybe the mailman sat on it.
  • Maybe the last person broke it, sent it back, and they didn't notice, so they sent the broken one to us.
  • Maybe the mailman put a cake on it.
  • 'Maybe the mailman got attacked by a chicken, when he was delivering mail to our friend Karrie. The mailman escaped with his life, but the dvd was broken.'
    'Karrie doesn't have a mailbox, she has a post office box.'
    'Maybe she took one of her chickens when she went to get the mail, to give it some exercise.'
    'Do you think Karrie is stupid or so????'
  • Maybe when our mailman was driving into our neighborhood, he got attacked by our Neighborhood Monster. There was lots of fighting, and the dvd broke.
  • There was an evil person, who grabbed the disk and accidentally broke it when she ran. But the mailman caught her because she didn't have a car, but he didn't notice that the disk was broken.
  • He was drinking hot chocolate, and he accidentally poured some on it. Then it was broken in half when he crashed into the mailbox when he was driving.
My kids obviously do not suffer from lack of imagination.


Gillian said...

Luckily I know the answer to this one. Sometimes when a DVD is put into a mailbox it becomes confused and begins to believe it is a letter. Thinking it is a letter, it attempts to fold itself.

Reel Fanatic said...

Maybe the mailman carries a little portable DVD viewer with him and enjoys all the Netflix DVDs while working his route .. the movie you rented was so good, and made him laugh so hard, that he spilled his coffee all over it ... I get broken DVDs from Netflix from time to time, and always ponder that same question!

Gretchen said...

We've gotten a broken DVD from Netflix before too. The funny thing is, it was also the wrong movie! The nice thing about Netflix is that as soon as I posted online about the problem, they sent out a replacement disk; they didn't wait for the damaged disk to arrive first. I've been very happy with my Netflix subscription. What movie was it that was broken?

O_Scientist said...

LOL @ all the theories. The movie was some Medabots movie which Erik really wanted to see. We'll get a new one on Friday.