Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Heat Index 103 °F / 40 °C

I have been trying not to complain too much about the heat. I mean, it sure beats shoveling show and -30 C in my humble opinion. But today, it felt yet again like walking through a sauna, and there is no cooling breeze at all. I decided to check the weather forecast to see whether we would get some relief by having thunder storms. And realized that the heat index was 40 C. No wonder it's so brutal today.

We have an active heat advisory and another advisory warning about severe thunder storms. Oh joy. We are not supposed to do any strenuous outdoor activity, but I went to the dump anyway. Up to 80 bags! It was so nice to work in the basement today, I am very happy we are finally cleaning it out.

OK, my bread dough is escaping, time to shape it. It rises really fast with the current heat and humidity.

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harri saptadi said...

lol guess what. these mornings = 20°C / 68°F, yet no rains. dit tropische poeskat suffers. *sneeze*