Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Cees seems to be having a good time in the Netherlands. They ended up not going to the Batavia, because of the rain. He is back at my brother's house now and has discovered their playstation. I am wondering whether he still will want to come home ^^

We are up to 80 trash bags, I think I'll take a break from the basement today. Tomorrow I will have an attachment parenting meeting at my house. And let's just say that my house needs some work, since we have been focusing on the basement. It's too hot to drive to the dump anyway, it will be a go and clean-up day.

Fun moment: Sylvia, sitting on a chair, drops her book.
'Mama get it!'
'You can get it yourself, you are a big girl.'
'Mama big girl!'
'OK, ok, but only because you are so cute'

Repeat a few times. Until I am tired of the game and tell her that next time she can get it herself. She 'drops' it again and says 'Sylvia getting it herself'. Of course, now she needs help to get down from the chair, so she still gets her mommy interaction.

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