Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Saving the World, One Basement at a Time

Happy to announce that I got rid of trash bag #90 today. I really should make new pics, if only the kids didn't keep putting lego on the floor. It feels sooooooooooooooo good to chuck all that stuff.

Today I donated things to a church garage sale. Saves me a run to the thrift store, nice. I know I have motivated Cheryl and mosaica, I am wondering whether more people want to join in my basement cleanup.

Do you have a basement like mine in desperate need of cleaning? Would you finally want to put your car in the garage? Is one of the rooms in your house in urgent need of decluttering? What about you get started on it with me, and we can moan and groan about it together.

Even if you get rid of only one bag of clutter in your house, you will have gotten closer to a clutterfree and spacious house. Please post a comment if you take me up on the challenge and got rid of something. If I was really organized, I would set up a link list somewhere, but for now, the comments will have to do.

Today was quiet day at home, did go studying and basement. Yet another dump run, getting rid of boxes with old broken toys and more stuff like that. I never realized how big and full our basement was until we started this project. And you know the scary thing? The more I work on this basement, the more I feel like decluttering the rest of the house too. Don't worry, most likely that feeling won't last.


Annelies said...

Gewoon het gevoel op het juiste moment loslaten.... Anders leef je straks in een volkomen leeg huis ;-)

Ik wil graag je voorbeeld volgen. Hier in huis is mijn slaapkamer het afvalputje van het huis. En de berging. Gelukkig is die laatste niet zo groot als jouw kelder...

aka_Meritt said...

We went through this ourselves (though not to the extent you did!) We moved here 1 1/2 years ago and the basement was completely unfinished, cement floor, cement walls and pipes and such all over.

We aren't completely done yet but we now have walls, ceiling, lights, carpet (!!!!) and a family room down there! We didn't get rid of as much as we should have though... we just moved it all to the 'back' storage room! LOL.

I need to go through and get rid of about 20 bags of 'stuff' myself.

Wanna come help? Hee hee.