Wednesday, August 30, 2006


The farther I am getting done in the basement (130 bags and counting), the more the stuff in the rest of the house is starting to bother me. Now if only I could get the momentum to actually DO something about it, instead of mindless web surfing.

Maybe I'll first finish the basement (getting there) and then choose one room to tackle. Have to decide which room. Maybe computer room since I spend a lot of time here. Or my bed room. I don't know yet. So much to declutter, so little time!

The kids have started decluttering their rooms, which is cool. They have made before pictures, I hope they will have the momentum to make it to the after pictures. But even if they don't, every thing which gets thrown out is one less piece of clutter in the house. The girls want to move to a different room, but first will have to clean out their current room. Which is not a trivial project.

Fighting the war on clutter, one piece of crap at a time ^^


rachel said...

you're inspiring me. We're going to work on de-cluttering this weekend before we move the girls back into their room.

The goal is also to reduce the amount of clothes each child has, so *gasp* everything fits in their drawers. What a concept!

Gretchen said...

Well, I can tell you, if I tried to declutter near my computer it wouldn't happen, because I'd have to be on the computer, and if I tried to declutter my bedroom, it wouldn't happen because I'd have to take a nap! LOL Congratulations on getting so far in the basement!

Amy M said...

You are inspiring me- dh and I were awed by the pictures of your finished basement. I have hopes of decluttering here too. I wish my kids would get interested in it as well . . . .