Friday, August 18, 2006


Finally things were set up enough to get television and get it installed. One night, when the kids were asleep, Sander got everything ready.

Note all the empty boxes and packing material. For his whole life, Sander has carefully put back the packing material in the boxes, and then stacked it somewhere. I have found innumerable instances of this when cleaning out the basement. If the item was to replace a broken thing, the broken one would be in the box.

Not this time! Not falling for that anymore. It's going to be disposed of in my dump runs.

The next morning, it took a bit of time, but finally someone discovered the new setup. Lots of excitement all around, of course, they had to try out whether it worked.

Indeed it did! The rest of the day was spent taking turns and enjoying the new xbox. I am still so happy we got the basement cleaned up enough to pull this off. Hard to imagine if you looked at it two months ago. It still isn't finished, but at least it's usable.

Sylvia watched for two minutes, and then decided to go do something else.

I skipped my dump runs yesterday and today, had lots of other stuff going on. I do feel guilty about it, the one thing I do not want to happen is to lose momentum.


txmommy said...

i can't believe that's the same room!

O_Scientist said...

Yes! I am still amazed every time I walk down into the basement. It is quite the difference.

@nita said...

Geweldig gedaan meid! Ik had ooit eens zo'n zolder..
Wat een kado voor je kinderen, die grote speelruimte.
Groetjes vanuit Canada. Anita, BNL.