Sunday, August 06, 2006

On the Bottom of the Lake

Yesterday, our go club decided to do some go outdoors, and we hiked up to a local lake. To our surprise, half of the lake was gone, they are working on the dam and had drained most of it. So half of the lake was just open ground now, instead of water. This was our chance to check out what the bottom of the lake looked like, very fun.

Usually the water comes up to the tree line over there. Notice how this was a home made lake / reservoir, the tree stumps do not particularly look like they have been felled by beavers.

Kate is standing on the bottom of the lake here, you can see the reeds in the background, to give some idea of the normal water level.

The weather was perfect too, not as hot as it had been before.

Today is cleanup day, but we are missing three of the older kids, not much is happening. The girls went to a water park with their friends, so they are not available. I spent some time cleaning up the 5 boxes full of clothes and blankets which had emerged from the van. But now I think I will do something outdoors or study go, I am not in a cleanup mood. Well, of course I'll do some basement work, that is kind of a given on any day right now. But we won't have a full blown clean up day.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, Kate sure likes that dress, huh? She wears it alot. I like it too, Kate! Looks like a lot of fun

O_Scientist said...

Yup, she loves it.

It is totally falling apart though, so we might have to retire it soon.