Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Don't you hate it, when...

All the logs say 'Fun cache, found it easily', and 'nice easy find'. We spent at least an hour and still didn't find it... I guess we suck at geocaching. Here is Sylvia looking for the cache.

Not that I cared, had lots of fun just being outside and watch the kids have a great time. I love covered bridges.

There was lots of jewelweed at the caching location, and I have to admit that I spent quite some time fotoghraphing it instead of looking for the cache.

The kids were way more interested in the stream than in finding the cache, so maybe I can blame them for not finding it? ^^

We decided to stop looking and went to another cache location, which my friend had done already, so it was an extremely easy find. We figured the kids would enjoy having something to fight about trade.

Fun to be out caching, I couldn't care less whether we found the cache or not.

On a different subject, a few days ago, we saw a cat who had caught a garter snake! The snake was quite big and still alive, twisting and turning. The siamese cat looked very proud to have caught it. I wish I had a camera with me, I had never before seen this.


aka_Meritt said...

That reminds me... in July Coffeehusband and I celebrated our Anniversary by getting some coffee to go from the local coffee house and hanging out at a local park with hiking trails and an old bridge. While relaxing I 'accidently' stumbled upon a cache.

I knew what it was but I don't geocache, so when I found a little notebook and pen in it, I wrote a note saying 'hello' and put it back where I found it.

It was kind of neat though... and I wonder if anyone has found it yet.

O_Scientist said...

You can always go to geocaching.com and try to figure out which cache it was. Heck, you could even log an official find if you signed the log book ^^

I remember a really long and complicated cache we did a few years ago, it took us 2 months or so to go through all the stages. Turns out that the first finders were not the first finders, some passerby had been there already and written in the logbook ^^

txmommy said...

your part of the country is so lovely. I'm jealouS!!!

Kathy said...

Oh that bridge is cool. Looks like you had a great time.

Shel said...

Beautiful pictures! I love covered bridges too.