Monday, February 19, 2007


Finally got myself back to walking. Thanks to a gentle reminder on the go server, of all places, I pulled myself together and did my daily walk. I will walk every day from now on.

And yes, I had to choose a day that the wind chill is -21 C, but that just meant I walked a bit faster to stay warm ^^

It was great, it has a calming influence on me, which I can definitely use. Thank you, Suk, for reminding me of the wonderful benefits of daily walking. I still remember how good I felt when I was in the habit of doing this. Somehow life and my broken leg got in the way, but finished with those excuses now. Walks will happen!


veganbaby said...

I need to start walking too! I only have one baby so it makes it easier, but I still don't do it.

pebarefoot said...

Go for it Nanny og . I have had three spinal surgeries and two broken necks,if not for walking (and some biking)I would be in a wheelchair now.Other than that , I am healthy for a grandfather and I eat healthy too.I hope you do too . See you on KGS. PS-I have one daughter and two grandkids , a boy and a girl.