Saturday, February 24, 2007

Drive By Posting

So much to tell, so little time ^^

We had a FTF on a cache yesterday, woohoo! I have nice pics, will post them after the weekend. Talking about caching, Cynthia, email me with your cache coords and I'll check them for you.

Decided to go to Montreal tomorrow, for a go tournament. I am very much looking forward to it!!! I am sure it will be easier to get into Canada for go, than it is for geocaching, right? ^^ One can hope.

I have walked every day since I started on Monday, and I can feel the effects already. I love it!

The new rice cooker is great, but bigger review will have to wait till after Montreal.

Tara baked cookies today, they turned out well. I still really enjoy having kids old enough to do things like that.

Back to tourney preparation!


veganbaby said...

Good luck!

harri saptadi said...

goto montreal by train/ spoor?