Thursday, February 08, 2007

Enjoyable Day

Today we had homeschool group in the church, where I got quite some go studying done, was having quality time with my kids. Actually, the only ones with me were Kate and Sylvia, the others found better things to do than hanging out with their mom.

I was supposed to go geocaching, but that didn't work out. I remembered just in time that that meant I could go to aikido instead!

We did free style practice, where you got attacked by three people and you had to figure out ways to deal with the attack. Hard, but fun. If anything, it showed me how much I still suck at this ^^

Decided to find a local micro after aikido, the only thing was that I didn't bring my GPS. I had quite a good idea where the micro was hidden though, and some careful searching did reveal it. The only problem was that it was a very public location, and it's hard to be inconspicious when digging around in a guard rail in the middle of the night ^^

Only five kids at home, weird to have so little. Two girls are spending the night at a friends house.

Kate was sleep walking again. It has happened two or three times over the last few months. I used to sleepwalk as a kid, so it's not a new thing to me. Just interesting, and makes me ponder what would cause it.

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