Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Quote of the Day

Cees 'Mom? Can our xbox go online?'
Me 'No'
Cees 'But would it be technically possible?'
Me 'Yes, it is.'
Cees 'How would I do that?'
Me 'You can sucker papa into getting internet connection in the basement.'
Cees 'So it would be ok with you if I did it?'
Me 'Sure, fine with me.'
Cees, excitedly 'AWESOME!!!! Then I can get on Xbox live! And I can kill people I have never met!!! And when they whine about it, I can tell them 'LEARN2PLAY NOOB!!!'

The joys of teenagers!

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mathmom said...

Hi Karen. It's RK from rkids and the June list. DH and I had a HUGE laugh over this one. :) I'm going to read your "Getting started with Geocaching" post next because R got a GPS watch for his Bar Mitzvah, and he wants to try geocaching with it. I think we might wait until spring though. I am wimpy about winter!