Sunday, February 04, 2007



A friend went to Boston and brought me home my very own durian! The even better thing is that almost nobody else in the house likes it, so it will be mostly for me.

Not only that, but she also got me durian ice cream, jasmine tea, and tofu snacks. So much better than the stupid mail!

I was going to go caching today, but my friend couldn't make it and it's cold anyway. I'll be forced to stay home and study go all day ^^ Too bad.


Irene said...

Verse durian??
En je mág dat zomaar eten IN huis???

Haha, als mijn moeder vroeger durian at, dan verstopte ik me altijd onder mijn lakens en dekens op mijn slaapkamer en nog rook ik die vreselijke lucht!!!!

Maar het is wel lekker, de smaak dan, gewoon eten met je neus dicht!
Ooit maakte mijn mam zelf durian ijs, zalig!!!!

Irene (GGM)

veganbaby said...

I never knew what the American name was for this fruit. I could never get past the smell. My parents love this though.

aka_Meritt said...

I know from previous posts that you love it... I've never seen it nor smelled it yet. LOL. Not sure I will. I did have my first pummelo today though and fell in love with them.

O_Scientist said...

Oh, pomelo was new to me too, I had my first one a few weeks ago. And yest, I love them too, and I like the really fat peel they come in.


harri saptadi said...

"Whooooom?" says o_scientist owl from her durian tree.