Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Last Cupola

Last week, we spent some time caching (big surprise, huh?) and one of the caches was at an old covered bridge. Usually those covered bridges are part of a normal road, but this used to be a railroad bridge. It is not being used anymore, but preserved for its historical significance.

From the cache page: This covered bridge is nearly 100 years old. It was built late in 1908 and was easily able to carry a 150 ton live load. It is the only one in the U.S. remaining that has a full-length cupola. The bridge was scheduled for destruction in 1968, but was saved by placing heavy steel beams underneath. It was still used until recently.

I wondered about the reasons for the cupola and some google searching provided the answer. The full-length cupola provided a smoke escape, especially during the era of steam engines. Interesting. I found an old picture on the Vermont's Covered Bridges page.

To keep with the railroad theme, we found our next cache at an old railroad car.

Yes, was a fun day of caching, too bad I couldn't go out today. Although spending a quiet day at home isn't bad either, and at least I got some of the stupid mail done.

Up to 29 pages now out of the 37 map pages we have to do for the Delorme Challenge. Not bad, only eight to go. I planned part of those already, hope to get out to do them soon.

I really love seeing parts of Vermont I have never seen before. Also, in the process of doing this cache, I have discovered that Vermont feels way more like my home state than New Hampshire does. I found myself a few times thinking 'Ah, home again!' when we crossed the Connecticut River on this caching quest. Only to catch myself and realize we just entered Vermont and my physical home is in New Hampshire. Interesting. I never realized the powerful attraction I have for Vermont.

Maybe should move to Vermont some day. I hate moving too much to do it any time soon though ^^


daidai said...

:-) beautiful views of vermont!!!

veganbaby said...

Fred and I really want to start geocaching. What GPS would you suggest for a newbie? Oh and it has to be cheap too.

The Wooden Porch said...

Those are beautiful pictures!