Friday, February 16, 2007

Live Blizzard Blogging: The Aftermath

Sylvia quote 'My hand got freezed!' when she came indoors from playing in the snow.

What sidewalk?

Snow fort fun.

Erik couldn't find his snow pants, so used Cees's...
And yes, of course Erik's snow pants where in the middle of the hallway floor, but he still couldn't find them. Typical male!


Annelies said...

My kids watched the photo's.. and now they all want to live in America ...

aka_Meritt said...

That's about as much snow as we have on the sides of our streets too... but we didn't get it all dumped at once. It took about 2-3 snows.

The snowpants story reminds me of our opposite story;

BabyGirl was in 8th grade and was going snow-tubing with the youth group from church. I told her to get the black snowpants from the closet, making sure they were the size 18/20. (We buy snowpants in black usually so they can be passed to any kid who happens to fit in them at the time).

She grabbed them and I said "Are you sure they are the 18/20?"

She was in a hurry, blind and mostly? LAZY! She said 'yeah'. Cuz she didn't want to LOOK SIX INCHES TO THE RIGHT.

She went tubing that day in size 14 snow pants that came up past her ankles! HIGH WATER SNOW PANTS. They were tight too! She looked like a fool and they didn't help keep her ankles warm at all. LOL.

Serves her right. The 18/20's were right there... typical 'kid' didn't want to LOOK.