Saturday, February 10, 2007

Quote of the Day

When I leave the house, I often tell the kids 'OK, guys, don't burn down the house!'
Today I said that to Sylvia and Kate who were playing in the living room.
Sylvia replies in a very sweet voice. 'We won't, mama. We are good babies!'


veganbaby said...

LOL. I worry if I tell Desi this that it will put ideas in her head.

Anonymous said...

just to know: how old are your children? what kind of system do you have for quick and easy contact on an emergency?

I have 3 kids (6,4 and almost 2) and am wondering when will we be able to let them on their own at home for half an hour or so 8to start with)

Marta from Lisbon

O_Scientist said...

The kids range from 15yo to 2yo. We have a list of phone nrs they can contact (my cell phone, hubby's work, friends cell phones) in case of emergency.

It also helps we are in a neighborhood where there's usually some SAH moms around.

They usually solve their own problems, the phone calls tend to be some trivial question, if at all.