Friday, February 23, 2007

Quote of the Day

Today, I was getting ready to take a shower, after all the walking and hiking I did. I told Sylvia 'I am going to take a shower, because I am dirty.'
She starts with 'Ok!', then looks at me more closely 'Your clothes aren't dirty, mama. Don't take them with you into the shower!'

OK, I'll take a shower without my clothes ^^

Today, my very first ever rice cooker arrived, it is cooking some jasmine rice right now. We all are excited about it. Looking forward to taste testing the first batch.


Alice the Brit said...

you will totally LOVE the rice cooker - we LOVE ours!!

shel said...

So how was the rice? I've been thinking about getting a rice cooker, but wasn't sure if it was worth it (or if it makes enough for larger families). What kind did you get?

Lecterman said...

I"m posting under Fred's blog because I"m too lazy to log him off.

We tried to find your cache today. No luck. I don't know if we have the right coordinates.

It was still fun though!

Enjoy your rice cooker. We love ours!