Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Geocaching Pictures

Today we were supposed to go caching, but it was soooooooooooo cold that I decided to get ready for the storm instead. We spent time at the local grocery coop and we enjoyed a cup of tea and ice cream in their cafe. We made sure to stock up on lots of junk food candy chocolate food for tomorrow's Valentine's Day Party, since homeschool club and LLL meeting are being canceled.

Sharing some more geocaching pictures of this weekend's trip.

One of the caches was beyond evil, it was a very sneaky hide. It took us THREE phone calls to a friend, each one more frantically, and another phone call to the owner of the cache before we finally solved the mystery. Makes you wonder how the heck people ever could go geocaching before cell phones existed! ^^

And yes, it was one of those caches where it said 'hide difficulty is 4, very hard' , we figured that wouldn't be a problem for experienced cachers like we are... We spent an obscene amount of time on that one cache, getting more and more desperate and discouraged. So much for being experienced geocachers ^^

But hey! I did finish all 37 map pages! I rock ^^ I got the coordinates for the final, but will wait till after the weekend to find it, I think.

I love the way this challenge has gotten me out all through Vermont, seeing lots of interesting spots.

BTW, Math Mom was asking about geocaching in the winter. Yes, snow does interfere, we tend to take more care with our cache selections in the winter than we do in the summer. If there is a snow flake in the attributes, it is supposed to be a winter friendly cache.

Look for easy terrain. Look for urban micros. Read recent logs and see how hard it was to find it in the snow. Heck, wait till someone ELSE finds it in the snow and follow their tracks before the next snow storm ^^

Winter makes it harder to go caching, but by no means impossible at all. A good tip to find caches under the snow: take ski poles. It makes it a lot easier to locate a cache when you hear that unmistakable sound of a metal ammo box under your pole.

I just checked, I have done more than 42 caches since January 1st, so winter definitely hasn't been holding me back from caching. And when we have the occasional DNF... Oh well, at least it got us outside in the nice crispy air, instead of stuck inside, suffering from cabin fever.


Dan Garruto said...

I was just wondering how you were able to get a web site "hit counter" or visiter counter on your web page that keeps track of people viewing your site? I have tried several free HTML tags from the internet, but they were all unsuccessful. Also, I love geocaching....isn't it a blast! Thats how I found your site, I typed in geocaching in Google's blog search. Anyway, you can contact me @ dgarruto@gmail.com Thanks!

O_Scientist said...

Hi Dan,

I have been using statcounter for my blog statistics and have been very happy with them. It seems to work well, and the free option works just find for me.