Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Live Blizzard Blogging

Up to more than a foot now, and snow fall has gone from steady to heavy now. DH's office closed and he came home early, driving conditions were pretty bad.

All those pictures were taken between now and my last post.

The kids had fun sledding

Until it was time to shovel some of the driveway when dh came home.

It took Cees and dh quite a while to clear enough space to park his car.

It was very cold, so they didn't last long. It was not easy for Sylvia to walk back on the driveway.

The boys delivered Sylvia back inside, while they spent some more time sledding.

Sylvia decided that she'd rather watch from inside the house, just like her mom ^^

Looks like we will end up with at least another foot of snow... Not looking forward to digging us out of this.

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