Sunday, February 04, 2007

Nine Months Worth of Mail

When we get incoming mail, I usually take a quick glance at it to see whether there is anything important. If not, it goes on the stack of 'incoming mail to be sorted' on a desk in our living room. The idea behind it, is that once a month, I go through it and take care of things.

Naturally, this once-a-month occurrence is more like once a year. Or when I know there are some important bills which need to be paid. I never have won any awards for The Most Organized Person On The Block.

The mail stack gets bigger and bigger, huger, and huger, and is in constant danger of toppling over. Once in a while I take out part of the junk mail, so I can ignore it a few months longer ^^

Today, we FINALLY got around to tackling at least half of the stack and filing / throwing out the relevant mail . Heck, I might even be able to do my taxes now! It feels party good, partly depressing because there STILL is mail crap on the desk, even although we went through nine months of it.

Some day I'll be organized enough to make a system which does not involve HUGE stacks of mail. Some day!

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