Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Love is..

... sending love and good thoughts to people you have never even met or known.

Last week, we were at a cemetery, and Kate was looking at all the graves. She found quite a lot of baby graves and shared with me how sorry she was for the babies, and how sad it made her to see their graves. She also said that she wished she could do something for them.

I told her, she could, she could send love and good thoughts their way. Be quiet and focus on sending love and positive energy their way, wherever they were. 'Oh! Like praying!' she said. She chose a few graves and spent time sitting with them and praying for them (in her words).

I was very happy that she understood the concept, and acted on my suggestion, showing the great spirit which is hiding under the irritable 7-year old.

I have sent love to strangers quite often but still was amazed that she understood the concept and the implications. At aikido, we have been doing healing meditations, which have felt very very powerful to me. The power of the mind, and of positive energy is quite amazing.

Happy Love Thursday!


txmommy said...

this is very nice. You have a wonderful daughter.

KaY said...

Your daughter has a beautiful soul.

Mine's up. Please do visit.

Much More Than A Mom said...

Wow - that's quite amazing. What a lovely photo!

Mine's up @

Pass the Torch said...

That really took my breath away. Beautiful thought and photo.

Waya said...

That's just amazing for a 7 y/o child. Already having learned the act of empathy, something some adults don't even possess.

You're a great Mom for teaching her that Mom!

amanda said...

This is so sweet, and so comforting to see a young stranger showing empathy for those who have passed.

Bozoette said...

Truly lovely. What kind spirits you both have!

rachel said...

what a beautiful concept and amazing photo.


mine's up too, but is completely different and very silly

1girl2boys said...

Wow, that's beautiful.

The Wooden Porch said...

I cried when I read this.

I blogged about your entry.

You touched my heart in a way most of my friends haven't bothered to do and even some of my close family members.

I have a baby buried in a graveyard. Please go read my blog and give Kate a big hug and tell her thank you from a blogger friend.

cnedaria said...

What an amazing moment! Thanks so much for sharing the memory. You're doing a great job raising a compassionate child! Happy Love Thursday.

aka_Meritt said...

We do that too! :) Yet another thing I've found in common huh? LOL.

Because we move so often we have gotten to see and visit quite a few cemetaries. NatureGirl and I the ones that usually go - we love to look for the stories the grave stones tell. We also make sure to find the forgotten or neglected graves and clean them up a bit... so many are completely overgrown with grass they are lost.

We've had some wonderful, moving, quiet times in the cemetaries. We've learned alot about people.... as odd as that may sound.

Teresa said...

Wow...what a wonderful littel girl you are raising!

I hope I'm teaching my daughter to be as respectful and appreciative as yours!

Beautiful picture.

Sam said...

How precious is this? And how wonderful that she's not scared in cemetaries - I always was. What a very touching moment to capture on camera.