Friday, October 06, 2006

I do it myself!

This is Sylvia's new mantra 'I do it myself!' Unless she wants some mommy attention 'I need my mommy!' Or even cuter, when she wants to get out of the car, and only mama will do 'I need my mommy very badly!' How could I resist that? ^^

My friend arrived safely, his luggage didn't. He is sleeping in his room now, I should be off to bed soon too, Cees has biology class tomorrow morning. I will be off to play go in the afternoon, leaving for 4 days in the Catskil Mountains!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait!


Alice the Brit said...

Have fun :)

I love reading your blog - especially enjoy the photos :)

Alice the Brit

Mosaica said...

I miss you! Though I'm thrilled you get a little vacation. So, uh, when are you home again?