Saturday, October 21, 2006

New Hair Cut

Tara 'Mama? Can I cut my hair?'
Me 'Sure, it's your hair.'
Tara 'ok'

Shutting herself in the bathroom and emerging as a totally different person.

I really like it, it turned out well. I am still amazed she did it all by herself. She took this picture all by herself too, using a mirror. This reminds me of the time they did hair cutting as toddlers, usually resulting in one or more of the kids being almost bald. She sure has gotten much better at hair cutting ^^


KaY said...

She looks cute ... roh

Annelies said...

Wat knap dat ze dit bij zichzelf kan! Het ziet er heel leuk uit: dat boblijntje staat haar geweldig!

Mosaica said...

Tara is the coolest Plomp EVER. Nice snip! I mean, nice HAIR cut. Ahem.


Alice the Brit said...

she has talent, none of my kids 'self hair-do's' ever turned out that good, straight or even!!

aka_Meritt said...

I thought I was a fairly laid back Mom but you just won mother-of-the-year. You said SURE. Wow.


rachel said...

oh wow.

I'm really impressed with how well she did!

this reminded me of how they cut hair as kids and I thought "oh, my kids will never do that". ha ha ha.

txmommy said...

what a good mom Tara has!