Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Tie Dyeing

Last week, Tara got out a box with tie dye supples from the basement (yes, the black hole one, with all the unexpected treasures). She got everything out, lined up lots of white clothes and started going

It was quite a project and quite a mess, but the results were perfect. It is nice to have kids who are old enough to tie dye by themselves.

Today is homeschool club, everyone is getting ready. I did get my aikido in, but not my walk yet, maybe I can walk at homeschool club.

Only two days till my go workshop.


Annelies said...

Wow, dat is een kleurig waslijntje!!

chris said...

Do you loan tara out? LOL

I am loving this stage of having older kids who can do fun projects without my intense help. My kids made vinegar and baking soda rockets today. I only had to make sure that the babies stayed out of the way.

merittandrews said...

That is awesome! You know what impresses me most of all? That you obviously have NO 'control issues' (whistling here, rolling my eyes and holding my hands clasped behind my back... trying to look innocent)... you let them just 'do it' and go for it without you controlling the situation. Yeah for you!!!!

Mardrey said...

Nice! They look great from a distance. And I bet from up close, too. ;-)

A very competent young lady whose having fun exploring the world and herself in the process.

Jody said...

I really like the in action pic of her hanging the finished clothes on the line to dry.

I love that she takes the initiative to do stuff like that.