Sunday, October 15, 2006

As Requested...

Jody asked for some pictures of our 'pet' mice. Tara was happy to comply and she made those:

They are sooooo incredibly bold. They come out when the kids are watching movies 'Anything good tonight?' They invite all their friends to come to this great new buffet 'All kinds of food on the floor! We NEVER go hungry!'

Yesterday, the kids happily came to tell me 'We saw a PREGNANT mouse!!! She was sooo big!!!' Accompanied by finger and hand movements showing how incredibly big this one was.

It ran into our Duplo room, and I was told 'We almost caught it!!!' Too bad they didn't...


aka_Meritt said...

Oh my.... yes, you may have to invest in a cat.

Jody said...

Ohhhh! They are so cute! It would be so very hard to use traps etc.

I hear that moth balls repel them? Not sure if it works or not. It is supposed to work for snakes too, so we threw them out in the yard when we lived in the wild west (Llano) several years ago.

Thanks so much for the pictures. Mia loves "Mousies" so she was laughing and pointing at them!

rachel said...

they're cute!

especially because they are in your house, not mine!

our cat is very efficient, we'd be happy to loan her out.

Mackenzie's idea is to get a pet snake and leave it loose in the house. I'm happier with the cat, thanks.

Overwhelmed! said...

Oy veh! I have a great fear of mice. I think that's one of the reasons we have 2 cats in our house. Thanks to them, I haven't seen a mouse in our house yet and I hope I never do! :)