Friday, October 13, 2006

Monarch Madness

Last week, we had so many monarchs in our front yard. I knew it was the perfect opportunity to make some good pictures.

I grabbed my camera, and got ready to get amazing pictures. Well, apart from the fact that the moment I would point the camera, the monarchs would all magically disappear. Instantly. I did eventually get a bunch of pictures, but it was way harder than I had expected.

I was happy with the pictures which turned out well, but I do have to admit that most of my pictures just showed the flower, without any monarchs. They were really good at flying away before I clicked.

Today we went to the thrift store to get most of our Halloween costumes. Not totally done yet, but just a few things to get still. We also got quite some good stuff for our dressup box.


KaY said...

Lovely pictures!

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures!

The Wooden Porch said...

Those are beautiful!