Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Observations Of The Day

Just some random thoughts and observations for today.

  1. Kate: 'When it rains, the clouds look very beautiful.'

  2. Cees: 'Mom? Kate thinks we only need to be nice to each other on Thursdays, since that's when you post Love Thurday. She says we can be mean on other days.'

  3. I discovered I can read go books while walking, making it a more efficient use of my time. Getting exercise AND studying go at the same time, woohoo.

  4. Saving a post till I get all the pictures just right is not a good idea, somehow I end up not posting at all.

  5. Quote from aikido training When we depend on external people and situations for our strength and happiness, how can we ever expect stable happiness? The only reliable friend is spiritual knowledge, the only truly helpful possession is one's inner character.

So many things to post, so little time. Tara has given a bunch of her siblings haircuts, I may or may not be posting pictures.

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