Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Trick or Treat!

Time for candy overload. At least the weather was perfect, the kids had tons of fun trick or treating. Cees considered himself too old to go out, this was the first year he stayed home.

Geisha Tara.

Snow Queen Kate.

Erik was something, no idea what.

One of our carved pumpkins, they turned out pretty well.

Vampire Jane.

Kittycat Sylvia aka 'I want candy!'

Time to trade all the loot.

And the best thing??? Tomorrow, we have dentist appointment for two of the girls...


Anonymous said...


aka_Meritt said...

The loot trading looks like our house last night. :)

I put a white bowl in the center of the room and told them I'd accept all 'dejected' and 'rejected' candy that no one wanted.


Mosaica said...

That was so FUN!

All the grrls & boys looked great. I really loved the "cow being milked" outfit that Cees wore. How clever!



Kathy said...

Looks like lots of fun at your house too.

BTW where was Tim? Did he go out or stay home with Cees?

O_Scientist said...

Tim didn't really want to make an elaborate costume, he ended up just putting a black cape over his normal clothes.

I didn't manage to catch a picture of him.

He went trick or treating by himself and came home with quite a lot of loot.

Cees happily shared in the abundance of the others :)


colleen m said...

Looks like they had a blast! Love the vampire

Annelies said...

Ik krijg alweer zin aan Sint Maarten... ;-))