Sunday, October 01, 2006

I am going to take a bath .

Sylvia came over this morning to me 'Mama, I am going to take a bath.' Walking away, proceeding to take off her clothes and get herself in the bath tub. No asking for permission, no trying to find siblings to go with her, she just did it.

She couldn't reach the water thingy though 'I can't reach it!' so she needed some help. Still, it was just funny how she decided, and followed through and took it as a given that this would be ok.

I spent time doing go problems in the bath room while she had fun in the tub.

She is just so able and independent, growing up way too fast. I love watching her develop into her own personality.

And about my daily walk... It is raining today, which seemed like a good excuse to study go instead, right?

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