Saturday, October 14, 2006

Mouse Sighting

They are getting bolder and bolder. Our pet mice population has increased to two. The second one came out to watch television when the kids were in the basement. They managed to catch it. I guess the television was pretty interesting.

And today, I was sitting in the living room, when this mouse calmly walked into the kitchen, took a few nibbles of a raisin, and calmly walked out again... I wonder whether we should get a cat. I hate mouse traps.

About the two pet mice: the kids have assured me that both of them are female. I have given up on wondering about what will happen if they are wrong. Que sera, sera.

And why do I keep having flashbacks to the ROUSes in The Princess Bride?


harri saptadi said...

prepare a mouse cage, not trap.
when it succeed, use its content -het muis- to treat your neighbour's cat-s. clean the cage with soap and lukewarm water.
repeat the procedure for every other sighting. ^_^

Anonymous said...

They sure are daring aren't they? When we lived up north we had 2 fat, lazy cats that were useless when it came to catching mice, lol. They'd just sit there and watch the mice run (or walk slowly) on by.

Jody said...

You so must post some mouse pictures! They are catching the mice and keeping them as pets? Too cute.

O_Scientist said...

Great Shel, that is just what I wanted to hear...

I thought a cat would SOLVE our problems.

And harri, the neighbor's cats are fat enough, I don't think they would eat mice either.

harri saptadi said...

second approach:
feed your (neighbours')cats Whizzkatzz + treat your (home) mice Wholly-grain wheat.
pretty sure they will love you and happily live forever. and more photos. :-Þ