Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Fall in New England

Today, sharing some fall pictures. The Connecticut River:

A tree in our neighborhood:

Violet, still blooming:

The promise of spring flowers:

Maple leaf from the tree under which Sylvia was born:

Beautiful berries:

More fall colors in our yard:

I love the colors and beauty of fall. I love the crisp morning, sunny days, cold nights. But I hate the fact that this all means that winter is near. The thought of snow is not a welcome one. Of course, I should live in the moment and just enjoy without worrying about what comes afterwards. But I haven't been able to do that 100 % yet. Something to work on ^^


Kathy said...

Such beautiful pictures Karen.

Enjoy Fall and we'll all think good thoughts for a nice mild winter.

Annelies said...

Je moest eens weten hoe jaloers ik ben op jouw woonplaats.... Ruilen voor miezerig Nibbixwoud??

Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful pictures. I envy you now, but I won't envy you in February;-)