Thursday, October 19, 2006

Love is...

Getting a phone call at 10:30pm and driving an hour to pick up those two homesick kids.

Chookooloonks Love Thursday is about daddy love, mine is on the same theme with mommy love.

Today, we had homeschool club, after which we always come home with other kids than we started out with. We lost Kate and Erik, but gained M, both had sleepovers planned. Everything went fine till it was late at night. Erik started crying. Kate told me 'I heard sniffling and I asked "Erik? Is that you?"' He really wanted to go home and his finger hurt and nothing was right and everything was wrong.

My friend called to tell me about the situation and I talked to Erik on the phone. It was very clear that he just wanted to come home. OK, in that case I will have to interrupt my go game and go pick him up. Shows real love from my side to stop playing go to do this ^^

Love includes, that I didn't even mind. I enjoyed the drive up there and it was very meditative to drive in the middle of the night. Almost no other traffic, classical music playing. Smiling to myself about how Erik can be seem very independant during the day, but at night, away from his own house, turns into the little boy he still is.

When I arrived at my friend's house, Kate told me she was coming home too. 'I just don't feel as safe without M and Erik here.' She claimed she isn't used to sleepovers anymore, so rather would sleep at home. OK :)

We had a nice drive home, and the kids told me all about the fun things they had done during the day. I enjoyed spending late night time with them and it wasn't long before we arrived home and they both were off to bed.


KaY said...

Those two lil angels are worth the lost of sleep.

Happy Love Thursday. Mine's up. Care to drop by?

Karen Rani said...

How very sweet! Happy Love Thursday!

chris said...

Awwwwww, so sweet.

How is it that they are growing up so fast?!?

Mama Duck said...

Oh, so sweet!!

Anonymous said...

Aww...our wee man was driven sniveling home by a very loving and dedicated uncle the other weekend.

That is what these kids do to us!

breezy said...

lovely pictures:-)
Are they Kate and Eric?

I changed my name. Do you like that? I hope I use it right.

cnedaria said...

Very sweet. My 5 year old had his first successful sleep over last week. Every previous one had ended in one of those calls. I swear I stayed up until 2 am EXPECTING a call. They grow up all too soon. Thanks for sharing the memory and Happy Love Thursday!

PastorMac's Ann said...


My older girls still do this to me on occassion. Some nights there's just no place like home!

Love, indeed.

rachel said...

you have such wonderful kids.

what a sweet story! and how is Erik old enough for sleepovers? yikes he's growing up fast!

mine's about daddy love.