Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Arrived home last night, after a wonderful weekend away. This was a go workshop with a Chinese professional and it was just awesome. I started playing go when I arrived there, and never stopped till the weekend was over. Heck, on the way back, we stopped at a tavern and studied go for two hours while eating supper.

Weather was great, we got in some nice walks through the woods and around a lake. And it was just nice to be away all by myself with no kids interruptions at all, doesn't happen very often.

Everyone was happy to get me back home and Sylvia spent most of the night nursing, just to reconnect. Now I'll have to spend a few days organizing all the things I learned and all the study material I got.

Had to get up at 4:45am today to get my friend to the airport, yawn. Now enjoying a nice and quiet house, will get some go studying in before it gets crazy.


aka_Meritt said...

What a beautiful photo... it looks like it should be in a fairy story.

min said...

welcome back.:-) I know I will find a new post here.

Mosaica said...

You're home you're home you're home!!!