Saturday, September 30, 2006


A few years ago, I started walking almost every single day. I started out doing it to regulate my mentrual cycle, but soon found out that there were lots of other benefits. When I walked in the morning, I had lots more energy and my days just flowed better.

After Sylvia was born, I fell out of the habit, and have not been able to get back into it. Over the last few months, at least I often have been doing aikido first thing in the morning, which helps some, but I felt that this didn't give me enough of a workout.

Today, after my aikido, the weather was so nice, crisp and sunny, and I decided to go for a walk. I took my mp3 player, so I could study Chinese while walking. It felt sooooooooooooo good to be out in the sun. I am definitely going to work on making it a habit again. Especially with the winter coming up.

When I came home, the kids had woken up, and Sylvia wanted to come on a walk with me. So I did a second walk with Kate and Sylvia, fun.

Today is go club day, will make myself some lunch and then head over to club. Last night, I was up till 4am (yes, playing go ^^), the morning walk helped me to wake up after that.

I have lots of pictures I want to post, but blogger is having problems, so I'll wait till it works better again.


aka_Meritt said...

I wish I loved to walk! :) Many times I 'tell' myself I'll walk to work in the morning - it's probably only about ummm, 2 miles maybe? But do I? Nope. LOL.

My body WANTS to though. It really would love to jog/run. However it's stupid because I can literally (LITERALLY) go 2 blocks before I'm dead and wobbly and burning. LOL.

rachel said...

oh, the walking alone sounds lovely. I wish my body was up to it.

I was thinking of you earlier today - a LiveJournal meme asked how many of 50 foods you had tried - and one of the foods was Durian Fruit! I need to drive up and visit you so I can mark it off the list! :)