Friday, September 15, 2006


I had lost momentum on my basement project, but today, I finally got rid of some more stuff. The basement is about 98 % done, so not too bad, but would be nice to finish. I told myself I would make a dump run today, and walked around the house, finding broken toys, empty boxes, useless papers, whatever to toss. Two trash bags filled in the basement, getting my 'basement trash bag running total' up to 132. Two trash bags filled in the girls room, they still are cleaning, but seem to have lost momentum there too. I managed to get a total of twelve bags to take to the basement (some was normal, everyday trash, but most was 'extra')

It felt good to get rid of more stuff, I love the idea of never ever ever having to see this again. Some day my house might be organized!

I have been enjoying the basement every single time I go in there. Finally it is useful. We can find things and use the space. It's amazing how a few hundred dollars and hours of hard work could turn this dump into a fun hangout for the kids.

Today, the little ones got out the legos and spent quite some time building and making up stories. Now they are off playing outside, Chris made sure we are having gorgeous and hot fall weather.

Off to have a shower and go to aikido. I still totally suck at it, and still totally love it. It's amazing how many ways you can mess up rolling with a katana in your hands :p

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