Thursday, September 28, 2006

Love Thursday

Love is carrying your babies and dolls around in the sling.

I would have posted more sling pictures, but blogger is being a big pain in the ass butt, so I am off to go club instead.

Oh, and if you wonder about the dirty faces, I tried to clean Sylvia's 'What about we clean your face before taking pictures?' Sylvia's reply 'NO Clean face!' OK, it's a fight I am not fighting ^^ I guess it shows real life better than a clean face would do :)

We will hide a cache on the way to go club, woohoo! I haven't hidden any caches in a while, happy to get around to it again.


Anonymous said...

Very cute!

aka_Meritt said...

You're cloning mini-you's!!!!!!

Irene said...

ha! soooo cute!

rachel said...

what a sweet picture! I love that your older kids are big enough to sling Sylvia!

Anonymous said...

Very nice to see your kids are carrying on the babywearing tradition;-)