Monday, September 04, 2006

Pretty in Pink

Dress up time!

Yesterday, we went shopping at the thrift store, because Tara 'didn't have ANYTHING that still fit her for the winter.' This is one of the shirts she got, she got quite a lot of cool clothes. Gotta love the thrift store for just letting them go wild and buy whatever they want. Kate and Sylvia both got new dolls. Erik was super happy about a Scooby Doo backpack.

Today was just quiet, rainy day at home. The little mouse Kyoto passed away :( She got a nice burial in the garden next to the pond. Poor little one.


aka_Meritt said...

OMG I am SUCH an idiot!!!!!!!!

I have been lugging boxes to Good Will and the consignment store FULL of NatureGirls clothes... GOOD, awesome, almost NEVER WORN clothes too.

And you have a house FULL of GIRLS and I could send some to YOU. I'm such an idiot.

Would you be interested? Sadly, I just brought a bag full of almost brand new jeans, pants and cords to the consignment store that I KNOW your girls would have loved.

Would you be interested? I would really really really love to give the clothes to a friend rather than to Good Will because they are PACKED right now and end up selling off perfect clothing to rag companies for $ by the ton. I'd much rather know they are going for a good use.

BUT *IMPORTANT* If you are really thinking "no.. thanks, but no thanks" PLEASE say so. I won't mind.

O_Scientist said...

Just asked Tara, she said they would love 'new' clothes. So yes, next time would be great if you could send over a few things. I think they also just like getting packages.

Thank you!


aka_Meritt said...


Could you email me at

coffeeplease_04 at ?

I bet I could get a box out the girls this week.

(I am still kicking myself over the awesome jeans and pants that I gave up for almost nothing to the consignment store here in town that I HATE, but I know we have more than needs to be out of NatureGirls closet.)

Yeah, I'm so happy that I found a friend with GIRLS that can use them! (Oh - and I think an outfit for Cees too, or maybe Tim, depending on how tall Cees is.)

Write me and get me the address and I can send it out later this week. :)