Friday, September 15, 2006


aka What Would An Angel Do?

Kate got a '100 % Angel' shirt (thank you, aka Merritt), and had been happily wearing it. Today, she was very very upset about something and was standing here screaming, hitting and kicking. I asked her 'Look at your shirt, is that how an Angel would behave.' She yelled at the top of her lungs 'YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!', emphasizing it with yet another punch...

This started everyone talking about what would an angel do.
  • An angel would clean up her room!
  • An angel wouldn't put Nutella stains on her shirt.
  • Angels don't scream (Kate's reply to that 'OK, show me something that says that!'
  • Angels always smile (Kate: 'They NEVER smile!')
  • Angels like to dance in fields of flowers (Kate: 'I like to do that, but I am afraid we don't have a field of flowers' Jane 'We have some dandelions outside!'
  • Angels change their underwear every day (Well, I am not THAT kind of angel, I am the angel who SCREAMS when she doesn't get what she wants!')
All this was enough distraction to get through the crisis, and the angel is happily chasing her sister around the house now. I can hear her chanting 'I am the EVIL angel!'

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Annalise said...

Thanks for the smile, I really enjoyed reading this :-)