Thursday, September 14, 2006

Underwear in My Backpack!

Today, Sylvia has been quite fascinated with taking off her clothes and underwear, even more so than usually. I think I have seen her take off / put on her underwear at least 25 times. It is almost time to go to go club, so I told her to go put on clothes. 'No clothes!' I said 'What about we start with your underwear?' She perked up 'Underwear in my backpack!!!'

She ran away and came back totally naked with a backpack on her back. 'I be naked in the car.' 'Um...'

Later update:She was not amused but I did convince her that clothes are a social convention one has to put up with when out in public. She is dressed now. Including underwear ^^

Wondering about:She still has a pair of underwear in her backpack. Will she want to change into it at go club????

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aka_Meritt said...

I laughed about this yesterday when I read it... she is certainly her own little person.

*Please thank you for the beautiful Pokemon card she sent. I also smiled to read that a certain little someone was so excited she was dancing in circles and sticking out her tongue.*