Sunday, September 17, 2006

New Clothes!

Quite some excitement in our house when two boxes full of clothes arrived!

Kate soon found the 100 % angel shirt and claimed it.

The older girls had fun too. It's amazing how exciting it can be to get new clothes when you are a preteen girl. Tara described it as 'I tried to get as many clothes as I could get my dirty little hands on!' I don't think I can add anything to that ^^

Erik insisted he needed some clothes too, he hasn't reached the age yet where clothes are just something totally boring. My older boys were not even lukewarm about the clothes. I told them it saved them a shopping trip, which seemed to convince them to find something which fit.

After all the loot had been divided, it was time for showers. Tara put on some of her new clothes and has been changing her outfit about two or three times a day since (wait, she did that anyway ^^)

Thank you, aka Merritt!


Mosaica said...

Wow, bonanaza! They all look so fabulous in the new clothes --I especially love that pink knitted shrug that Tara is wearing. Fun!


aka_Meritt said...

Awww... sorry to hear the guys didn't care about their package. Here I thought I was being nice making one for them! LOL. I think your boys will turn the corner on caring about clothes in another year or two. Once Coffeekid got to the end of 7th grade suddenly name brands and looking 'cool' mattered. I think his growing interest in girls helps out in this department. Ha.

I laughed to see the pink shrug over the purple pajamas! LOL. I can't wait for them to use the beautiful sweaters... NatureGirl is so hot blooded she won't wear them!

Anonymous said...

I have a girlfriend who gives me lots of baby clothes. I love going throught the box too! :-)

Love the dirty hands comment!!!