Sunday, July 09, 2006

Wet Clothes

Sylvia: 'I want to wear pants'
Me: 'Great, I still have some here, the ones you were wearing earlier'
Sylvia 'Wet. They are wet.'
Me: 'No, see, they aren't wet at all, see!'
Sylvia. 'Wet! Need new pants'

This was not a fight I was going to fight, so we got her new pants. I got her all dressed in new clothes, after which she told me she wanted to be naked. OK, whatever. I am not trying to understand the mindset of toddlers.

Fast forward twenty minutes later. I find a plate with wet clothes on the couch. Dripping wet. The original clothes, the ones which had been totally fine and dry. Not any more. I guess she wanted to convince me that yes, indeed they are wet...

Life at our house is never boring.

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Jody said...

This makes me LOL because I am soooo going through the same thing here with Mama Mia.