Friday, July 14, 2006


Yes, this is how bad it was. I would like to say that it wasn't as bad in reality as it was in the pictures. But I don't want to lie.

Sylvia would say: 'What a mess!!!'

I said 'Let's ignore it for eight more years, or just burn down the house.'

But then the pingpong table came our way and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to actually DO something about the basement.

We found face paints.

We found new and interesting toys.

We are still plodding along, we have actually freed up quite some floor space. Still a long way to go. I got rid of 15 full garbage bags so far, the dump is going to love me. To use our dump, you have to go to city hall to buy tickets. A few days ago, I went there and said I wanted to buy dump tickets. 'How many would you like?' 'Fifty, please.' 'FIFTY!!!!' Indeed. Figured I'd better be prepared to get rid of lots of stuff and didn't want to have to go buy new tickets every few days.

So far I have used $5.50 worth of tickets and the satisfaction of throwing away all those things was worth way more than that.

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Annelies said...

Pffffff.............soms ben ik bijna blij dat ik geen kelder heb....
Zoiets zou bij mij ook gebeuren ;-)