Sunday, July 30, 2006

Boston Day Trip in Pictures

On Wednesday, we made yet another trip to Boston. This time it was just for fun. Imagine that! No airport drop offs, no passports, no stress.

It's always a long drive, so we had to take a sanity break for Sylvia. She was soooo fed up with sitting in her carseat.

The big attraction was the Museum of Science. It is sooooooooo huge, we could easily spend another few days there and not get bored.

We brought a bunch of friends and met a friend at the Museum, this is almost all of us (two missing). We were up to twelve now, good that we have a big van.

Time to visit Chinatown and do a lot of shopping. Erik correctly identified the durians.

The kids all bought new drinks to try out, the most memorable ones were the ones chosen by the girls. They were glass bottles, with a glass ball inside, which you had to dislodge before being able to drink it.

It literally took us at least half an hour and the help of someone in a chinese restaurant before we could open those. Amazing. Here people are trying to open them. And trying, and trying, and trying.

We had a nice dinner in a chinese restaurant, meeting yet another friend. I would like to say it was a nice relaxing dinner, but I would be lying. Erik and Sylvia both were tired by now and were literally bouncing off the walls. After I had eaten, I decided to take them out for a nice stroll to burn off some of their energy. They desperately needed it.

While we were walking, we came upon something which looked like the back of a strip club. Dangerous looking bouncers, well muscled, dressed in black, while I was passing with two little ones. One of the bouncers considerately and worriedly told me that there was some bleach on the street there (they must have cleaned something or whatever?) and that it would be better to walk around that with the little ones instead of through it.

Boston is never boring.

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harri saptadi said...

"Boston is never boring." Karen zegd.
hebbn u 'alanw' kgs ontmoet? ^_^