Wednesday, July 12, 2006

First CSA Box

Yesterday, I got my first CSA box delivery. CSA is community supported agriculture, it basically is a relationship directly between the farmer and the consumer. You pay money up front and get nice, fresh, organic vegetables delivered to your door every week for the whole summer. It is perfect!

We got some carrots, fresh parsley, scallions, a nice plump and juicy tomato, lots of rhubarb, squash, very yummy. I cut up some of it and whatever I found in the fridge. Stir fried it with some tofu and rice, added some Thai Basil Barbecue Sauce and had a wonderful and easy meal.

I love the CSA delivery, it's like opening a present every week, seeing which vegetables are showing up.

A friend came over to help me clean my kitchen, who can top friends like that?! I even got her to eat some durian, and she still seems to be friends with me, amazing ^^

1 comment:

Irene said...

Als je goeie rijpe hebt, dat smelt op je tong, zalig.
(je moet het alleen niet ruiken..........)