Monday, July 03, 2006


Sigh, hard to get dutch city halls to do anything out of the ordinary. I am trying to get them to fax the boys birth certificates to the consulate in Boston. Not successfully so far. I sent a fax on Friday, which had disappeared into thin air when I called to check on it today. Sent another fax today 'We will work on it as soon as we can' Very reassuring :p

Has been either hot and humid or raining. Such a weird spring / summer. I finally made it to the farmer's market for the very first time this year. It had been raining almost every weekend when I wasn't traveling. Craziness.

Yesterday, I visited a friend who had made filled steamed rolls. Some wonderful mushroom mix. Yum! Maybe I'll make some later this week.

We have small plums in our plum tree, but we have to see how many make it to plumhood. There seem to be less every day. And I can't even blame the groundhog, it's too high up for her.

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